Errata + Addendum

You can find any errors, edits or additions on this page.

Due to the exceptional amount of data held between the pages of the Astrological Planners with 3 timezone versions created each year, there are bound to be small errors or misprints from time to time.

As someone of high integrity and expectations, I strive for accuracy and on point data and we do our very best to deliver this to you. Accurate data is our primary focus, all data is generated by professional astrological software with little to no room for error, taking into consideration it is hand input and designed to look pleasing on the eye.

But we are human and a small team. Errors are part of life and we are always learning. Even though many eyes professionally proof read and rigorously check over data and text throughout the creation and printing process, sometimes small things do slip through. It is a very humbling experience to own up to our mistakes. 

Each edition is an improvement on the previous.

We appreciate your feedback and your keen eyes. If you find something not listed here please let us know.


2023 Astrological Planner

Pg 130

Full moon noted as total lunar eclipse in May, this is actually a penumbral eclipse


2022 Astrological Planner

Pg 156 & Pg 166: US (PST) edition only

3rd Quarter Moon shows sign in Taurus, when it should be Aries


2021 Astrological Planner

Credits page addendum - AU (AEST) and US (PST) editions

Credits to be added to Evelyn Zuel for assistance in writing new and full moon reflections and assistance with the Optimum Times Life Guide for 2021. This was previously encapsulated in the thanks 'to the Magic of I. Team for making all of this possible' which covers design, proofing and all of the amazing things the team does, but it didn’t feel specific enough.


Pg 10: General Dates - AU (AEST) edition only (some full sized and pocket)

Easter dates are incorrect. 

Correct dates are: Good Friday April 02, Holy Saturday April 03, Easter Sunday April 04, Easter Monday April 05

This is a mystery. Apologies for any confusion.


Pg 36-53: 2021 Intentions AU (AEST) and US (PST) editions (some full sized A5 copies)

In the footer of the 2021 Intentions Workbook it says ‘2020 Intentions’, it should be '2021 Intentions'

Many tears were shed over 2020 being carried into this edition, and a period of sorrow for this perfectionist. Multiple eyeballs/brains, as well as computer programs, printed proof checks and several proof readers missed this one. We now look at this as a reminder of the challenges we all faced in 2020 and have made peace with it, acknowledging as humans we sometimes make mistakes, but they do not define us.


Pg 138: June overview AU (AEST) and US (PST) editions (some full sized and pocket)

Moonthly theme should be: Communication, Growth and Learning


Pg 222: November overview AU (AEST) and US (PST) editions (some full sized and pocket)

Taurus Full Moon is a partial lunar eclipse

Pg 238: December overview AU (AEST) and US (PST) editions (some full sized and pocket)

Sagittarius New Moon is a total solar eclipse
Moonthly theme should be: Exploration, Philosophy and Wisdom


   Pocket Planner only - Pg 1 : Contents and page no's - some AU (AEST) and US (PST) editions

The pocket planner does not include the Intentions Workbook intentionally due to its small size and space (the full sized planner has this), but Intentions Workbook is still listed in the Contents on pg 1. The page numbers also skip where this section was removed in the pocket planner. It does not effect anything, just a heads up.



Thanks for supporting a small business striving to do our best in a world where mistakes are part of life but often not allowed or accepted. Know this is a heartfelt apology for any confusion caused, and trust that each edition is nourished to be the best it can possibly be. As we grow, so too will this incredible tool.