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Crystal Vasquez
Better than I expected

I receive my astrological planner yesterday. I had been saving for it for months. Upon receiving it I was speechless. The pictures here do not do it justice . It is a very well organized planner . The beginning pages are very informative. Full of astrology and moon phase information . But the details on the pages . The images . The symbols . More beautiful than I expected . A flawless planner . Perfect for anyone . I am currently purchasing the journal and can’t wait to buy the planner for next year . You have earned another customer for life . Amazing !!!

So Luscious

This is one of the sexiest planners I have ever owned. I'm pretty bad at using planners but I love them. I decided to get this for myself and use it as a daily journal instead of a true planner. I am also terrible at journaling and the idea of having a limited little space to write somehow makes it easier. The quality of the cover and pages is amazing. The information contained in the first section is to die for and I am so glad I made this investment in myself for the new year.

haha. thanks for the lovely review! We think it's pretty darn sexy!

AMAZING and great customer service!!

The planner looks really beautiful, but I am even more impressed with their customer service. Sadly, my planner (the white large one) arrived really dented and a little stained, but I email customer service and even with the bush fires going on, they responded right away and agreed to send me another one. Not only that, but they even agreed to send me one in black because the white one had gotten a bit stained somehow. They were beyond kind and they were so quick in responding to me and fixing the issue. As for the planner, its beautiful!! I haven't written in mine because its the dented one that I have right now, but I did have the chance to flip through it and touch the pages and it feels so nice. The pages are smooth, thick, and silky, and the cover is beautiful. I like that the pages are thick enough that you can write with pretty much any pen and it more than likely won't bleed through. If you love astrology and need a planner, look no further!!

Glad we could help you out! Sometimes the shipping gods don't take proper care of our magical products, so we do our best to make sure everyone gets what they wanted! :)

Katie Yuen
Everything I've been trying to do on my own

The cover is what got me... I'm a sucker for that beautiful gold inlay. But opening these beautiful bound books was more than I could have imagined. All of the information I've been gathering and putting into my notebooks, planners and calendars was laid out in front of me beautifully. It is a powerful book, there is a lot contained inside. I am so excited to fill in these pages! Let's see what magic can be created with this in my toolbox. {2020 review}

Svetlana Sobol
Comprehensive Knowledge (astrology guide)

"The Magic of I" is the best Astrological Planner I've ever had. I'll be using it to sync up the energy of the moon and sun's cycle looking at the calendar pages in order to decide when to plan things and put the astrological energy more in my favor.