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Stunningly functional!

Not only is the layout on point, the additional information and contents is inspiringing to say the least. So happy with the Southern Hemisphere option as well! I spent a lot of time looking for a beautiful, elegant planner that spoke to me and so so happy I found this!

Anything i'd ever want in a planner.

The moment I found this planner online I didn't doubt twice to get it, since I have been following the maker(s) for a while.
It is everything I ever wished for the year planner 2020. It is a true gift to myself, (so i'm gifting it to friends these holidays too) and I am so thankful for it!
Amazing design, extremely detailed, it has all the information to plan and align with the planets and their energies + all the holidays that actually matter to me.
Can't wait to start using this beauty! For now, taking it out once in a while to read through it, and even learn new things.
Thank you, thank you. I wish this gift to everyone out there. SO READY FOR 2020!!! (howling) <3

Best Planner Ever!

Before ordering my first Mafic of I planner, I was so lost when it came to astrological terminology or interpretation. The explanations in the beginning, the beautiful artwork, the organization and just everything about this planner is TRULY MAGICAL! I love showing it off to people and watching there mind get blown as they flip through the pages. I am now on my second planner and I plan to continue to order in the years to come. I use this for daily planning and as my gratitude journal. I use it to track my cycle with the moon cycle, to determine good days (astrologically) to tackle tasks, and for my new moon/full moon reflections and goals. I cannot say enough great things about this planner...the art work alone makes if worth the money for me! Thank you for such a magical book!!! Full disclosure: I got the white one the first go around and carrying it in my bag everyday started to really show. The cover is buttery soft, but gets dirty fast. This year I am giving the black cover a go! <3 <3

A Magical, Special, Thoughtfully-Crafted, Practical Gift for our Daughter

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Absolutely gorgeous and full of everything wonderful and magical. Our daughter loves it and takes it everywhere with her. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art!

best astrologically-oriented life planner, thus far

I've been using a variety of astrologically-oriented day planners for decades, so my comment that the "Magic of I" is the best yet has some weight. It offers more comprehensive planning tools than others of its ilk, reminiscent of life-planning books from major time- and life-management gurus. It also provides me with the same astrological data and guidance as a combination of two or three other books used to do. I'm very pleased, believing that well into 2020, I will find this book more valuable than those it replaced.