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Great customer service! I had shipping problems with my order and they solved it quickly and so sweetly! The journal is magical, beautiful, and a muse for writing in itself! <3

Gorgeous leather, not so great extras

I love the soft matte finish of the vegan leather of this journal. The golden detailing is also beautiful! However I've had mine for less than a month and the elastic strap to hold it closed has completely tore off and the bookmark ribbon is pretty loosely stitched on & looks like it will fall off too in time. I'm extremely gentle with my journals and keep them safely displayed on my bookshelf, so it was a surprise seeing it come apart like this so soon.
I assume mine was just from a bad batch, because I don't see this complaint very often, so that's a bummer. It's obviously still useable, and I'll write in it until I've finished of course! But it might be a smart idea to double check quality control on some of the outer details like this for production :(

Heya Addy,
We are so sorry to hear this. This is definitely a random print issue and happens once in a blue moon. We have sent you an email about organising a replacement for you! x


This is by far my favorite journal I have owned! It looks and feels so beautiful! The quality is incredible and it is definitely worth the price. Most journals I buy end up sitting on a shelf untouched, but I have already begun filling this one up with magical content. I cannot wait to order more!

just WOW.

Writing in my journal is my medicine, and so naturally, choosing a journal to house my thoughts + innermost explorations is a sacred process for me. When I came across the Magic of I journal at a shop, I felt an immediate pull. Never have I ever come across a journal that is so well-crafted and one in which I could FEEL the heart + soul infused in its pages and its design. The cover is buttery soft and velvety. The pages are crisp, and the GOLD HOLOGRAPHIC accents are GORGEOUS. It glimmers in the sunlight! It feels really good to support a small business and even better because their customer service is amazing. My elastic for some reason snapped off and they were quick to respond to my email + replace with a brand new one. I love supporting companies who stand by their products and I'm so excited to continue to write in these pages.


Love this journal! It's great quality and beautiful to look at.