High end creation

  • A5 size (210x158mm / 8.3x5.8")
  • 264 pages
  • Holographic gold foil cover
  • Full colour end pages
  • Lush silk touch vegan leather cover
  • Printed on FSC sustainable paper
  • Holographic gold gilded edges
  • 2 ribbon placeholders
  • Elastic cover band
  • Inside back pocket
  • Made with lots of intention, magic and love

Track life aligned with the stars

  • Monthly Astrological calendar and aspectarian
  • Weekly planner with all aspects + moon movements
  • Month at a Glance (sun, moon themes + important transits)
  • Monthly Goals + Intentions
  • Weekly Goals + Actionable Steps

Move with the moon

  • Moon Phases + Signs calendar
  • 2022 New Moon + Full Moon dates list
  • Monthly new + full moon intentions journal pages
  • Menstrual cycle tracking with the moon
  • Voin moons + eclipses

Plants and Planets

  • Botanical illustrations for each sign
  • Moon planting guide
  • Astro herbalism illustration guide

Make magic

  • Decan Tarot Wheel
  • Astro codes
  • Planetary Days + Hours
  • Intentions yearly planning work book
  • Moon Journalling
  • Monthly and weekly goal setting
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout
  • Droplets of wisdom

Optimum Times Life Guide™

Some of the real magic of this planner. Appearing on the monthly and weekly calendars, these guides are your planning angels. They are an energy wrap up of the day determining optimum days for doing business, socialising, creative endeavours, following intuition, physical movement, learning something new, self exploration, chill days + more, and reveals days that might be a little more challenging than others. The Optimum Times Life Guide gives you a general heads up for more alignment with life.

Like a normal planner, but way better

  • January to December
  • Weekly 7 day planner
  • General holiday dates
  • 2022 & 2023 Calendar
  • A learning tool for beginners
  • A tracking tool for Astrologers

Learning tools and reference guides

  • 2022 Exact Aspects overview
  • Planetary Movements and Retrogrades visual guide
  • Retrograde + Direct dates list
  • 2022 Planetary Ephemeris
  • Astro Herbalism
  • How To Guides
  • Timezone information
  • Personal birth chart space
  • Calendar features overview

Everything from the heavens at your fingertips

  • A complete monthyly overview:
  • Sun sign and theme for the month
  • New moon + full moon dates
  • Intentions and reflection themes for each moon
  • Important transits for the month
  • Extra long void moons
  • Botanicals for each sign
  • Astro codes + tarot