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Best Planner/ Journal everrrrrrr

Hi there! I had accidentally ordered a journal thinking it was a planner - totally my fault. So I ended up going back and ordering a planner and another journal. I am so happy that I have all three - they are all so beautiful (black, white, and tan) and I use all of them almost daily. The journal is so insightful in living according to your astrology signs and the different categories of your dream list in the front to get aligned on all your goals/intentions for the year. This journal motivated me for the new year and keeps you motivated to focus on the things most important to you. Also, it is so thorough and well-organized to remember all dates and events. Huge bonus also that I now know when all the phases of the moon are happening so I can plan accordingly. Hoping to one day own every color of the journal and looking for the perfect place to put my sticker!

Love it!

First off let me just say the quality of the planner and journal is just beautiful! Secondly both of them arrived very quickly even in the midst of the fire going on in Australia (my heart goes out to y’all). Third there is so much information in the front of the planner that are super helpful for me to learn along with my other personal books I have on astronomy and birth charts. I will definitely recommend to my friends!

Better deal but not accurate

The bundle saves you $4 - $45 (planner) + $28 (journal) = $73 not $83

Thanks for your order Kai, but the bundle does in fact save you. For $69 you get - $45 Planner + $28 Journal + $5 Holographic Sticker + $5 carry bag ($83 total, and $14 savings).

This is my 2nd year getting the planner and first year getting the journal. Aesthetically they’re absolutely stunning! The texture, the colors. I love how much information is packed into the planners. The attention to detail, the effort for sustainable materials, serious magic! Thank you for creating with so much love.

Thanks for your love and kind words!

I absolutely love these journals, especially the astrological planner! There is a wealth of information which is inspiring me to update my morning ritual practices. It's beautifully designed as well which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. :)